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The Computer Programming Network Scholarship

The CPN Scholarship started in June of 2020. The purpose of the scholarship is to at least assist but is aimed at, completely funding the first year of a high school student seeking a certificate/degree in a Computer Science field. For more information about the scholarship, or for information on how to danate:
Visit The CPN Scholarship Page.

The Founder's Adventures

Joshua Netzley, Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner, Aquarius of the year 1981.
A brain for elcetronics from a very young age, repairing game controllers and consoles at the age of 8 was a simple hobby that lef the interest unsatisfied. It was a natural feeling procceding through a 16 month Computer Science course by the age of 17, learning the hardware components of computers, as well as navigation of the Microsoft DOS and mouse-less navigation of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Then, standing on a lack of resources, turning to the internet was the greatest option. By 2000 the internet had already had a vast supply of sources for research and learning just about anything.
Here is where we give credit to the one major resource for locating sources for research and the two most influentual sources for practicing the ancient art of trial and error in HTML.
Over the next 20 years, the rabbit hole seemed to keep getting deeper. HTML obviously wasn't enough, not for the passion and not for the world. Programming languages emerged faster than most could learn them and being self-taught, keeping up proved difficult. However, that did not stop the growth of passion for Computer Science. The vast scope revealed a hint of A.D.D. as the decision on which language to learn next revolved faster than a six shot pistol.
Learning HTML progressed to PHP and Mysql but came at the cost of time; finding a section of code online, then changing and adding to it in order to obtain the desired operation. This time was not wasted as data management and manipulation was the hot hit. The ability to create, view and manipulate arrays and databases paved a highway for ideas. The ideas are where the A.D.D. hit hardest with desires of web pages, Windows applications, as well as tablet and small device applications. The langauges between web coding and software programming are similar yet very different in practice. A realization of the benefit of focusing on one, either web or software, may have come a bit late. Again, time is not wasted as this lead to a rich experience with most of the common web langauges and an understanding of the software development structure.
    Languages of Experience
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Mysql
  • Javascript
  • Python
Languages such JSON and AJAX are known and very popular, but are not very layman friendly. In all the trial and error, the goal has always been to find the most simple yet effective code for laymen; code that can be read and understood by most anyone with any coding knowledge. These very simple code examples, tips, and methods allow for easy change and manipulation while serving as an excellent way to learn a new computer language.

The Founder's Ladder

Outside of the computer passion, there has been alot of time spent in the growth and care of each community lived in or vistied.
Starting with carrying lumber, the rungs on the Founder's Ladder of growth include:

Personal Projects

Thanks to the stupid over priced products from, The CPNetwork is able to offer a trove of personal projects, notes, tips, code examples and some very awesome resources, including some PDF files!
    Code Cave
    A trove of tips, examples and resources.
    The Military Complex Game.
    Geography USA
    The Geography and details of The United States of America. * Amazing learning tool!
    Name Generator
    Excellent for naming a game character or even a baby!
    Naughty Night
    A digital spin on the famous Naughty Dice Game.

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